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How to style your hair with a headband?


How to put a headband?


First, always brush your hair with a brush suited for its nature. If you want to give it volume before putting your headband, bend your head forward, give a few brush strokes, then pull your head back up.


There are two ways to put your headband depending on the look you want to create:

  • Either you want something very natural, then you will simply slide your accessory onto your head while hiding the ends within the hair behind your ears;
  • Or you want to keep your hair back. You will then first delicately slide the ends of the headband behind your ears, well under the hair. Then you will pull your accessory up and backwards, sweeping your hair away from your face.


How to wear a headband?


To choose your headband according to the nature of your hair, you will get our best tips in this article.


Of course, you are absolutely free to choose it as you wish and foremost to match it with your outfit.


The good news is, you can wear headbands no matter the length of your hair, even with short locks.


Styling your hair with a thin headband


Thin headbands are inconspicuous and will properly hold thin hair. They shall be less effective with denser hair.


This kind of headband can be worn:

  • Holding hair back with thin hair;
  • Simply sild in dense or short or curly hair, thus adding a colour touch to match your outfit;
  • As a complement to a chignon or a ponytail to tame the flyaway hair around the head.


Styling your hair with a wide headband


Wide headbands have made their comeback on catwalks and in fashion shoots lately. Real fashion accessories, their purpose is as practical as it is aesthetic. It is a statement item, all at once bold and assertive, if not the key item of a look.


You shall wear it:

  • Simply slid onto your head, with the ends hidden within hair behind your ears;
  • With your hair backwards. For a 70's look, carefully brush your hair back before placing your headband. For a more actual look, part your hair in the middle then sweep everything back;
  • With your hair tied, to make it stand out boldly.


Styling your hair with a round headband


Highly versatile, the round headband will achieve different looks depending on how you use it.

Pretend you are a ballerina dancer and wear it with a ballerina bun in the neck.

Push it onto your head as a sweater, pull your hair out than push it up to sweep your hair backwards 60's-like.

Tuck it slightly onto your head then wrap your hair in the back around the elastic part. To do so, split the hair in two equal parts below the elastic part, spread them aside and wrap each lock around the band by the middle. Secure with a few bobby pins. You may pull a few locks around your face.


Styling your hair with a jewel headband


Geared with a metal frame, the jewel headband is merely an adornment.


Wear it simply tucked into your hair or as the final touch of a sophisticated hairstyle, ends concealed within your hair.


Styling your hair with a bow headband


Bow headbands are infused with femininity. Wear them to emphasize yours or to offset a masculine outfit.


If the bow is on the side, place it opposite to the natural wave of your hair. It will stand out, on one hand, and create the right balance around your face, on the other hand.


Bow headbands are a great match for short hair.


Styling your hair with a pearl headband


Pearls are definitely chic and headbands are the best way to wear some, in your hair rather than around your neck.


With such an accessory, play it cool: wear it with loose hair, simply tucked onto your head with the ends concealed within your hair behind your ears.


Styling your hair with a scarf headband


A ”knot-it-yourself”  headband can be worn in different ways :

  • Around the head, to hold loose hair or complement a chignon
  • Around a ponytail, with ends loose in the hair
  • Wrapped around a chignon or the wrist


It is infused with freedom.

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