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How to choose your headband?


Headbands, trendy fashion accessories

Although they can be traced back to Greco-Roman Antiquity, the purpose of headbands has been a merely practical one during centuries. Except for diadems, meant only for the aristocracy and belonging to High Jewellery, it took the Roaring Twenties and the flappers' short haircuts to feature the first headbands designed only for adorning the hair - the very first fashion accessories of the kind.

In the 60's and 70's, the headband gets sassy with Brigitte bardot, gipsy-chic with Jackie O. or glamourous with Grace Kelly. Throughout the years, it turns into a posh accessory and becomes over time old-fashioned.

The TV show Gossip Girl pulls it out of this purgatory. As the favourite accessory of Blair Waldorf, it makes a bright come-back, gaining so much on trendiness that the greatest fashion brands  add some in their collections and on the catwalks.


Handmade in France from the very beginning, in our Maison's workshops, Alexandre de Paris headbands are broadly ranging from very classic style to creative pieces.


How to choose your headband ?


Headbands are certainly the easiest hair accessories to set and, as they can be seen from the front, the most immediately impacting ones.

Here are a few tips to choose as best as possible, depending on the material and on the nature of your hair.


Choose according to the material: acetate/fabric/metal


Alexandre de Paris has got two in-house workshop. The oldest, between Lyon and Geneva, is specialized in acetate, a material with a natural heirloom, born from cotton flower and wooden pulp, hair friendly at heart. The second is in Paris, where our seamstresses carry out Haute-Couture techniques to craft and sew fine leathers and high-end fabrics.


Acetate headbands


They are the most easy-going on a daily basis. They are fearless life-saviors of bad hair days because they can be easily cleaned.


Their style range is broad, from the classical models, thin or wide, of the Timeless collection, to the more creative versions of the seasonal collections, adorned with pearls, crystals or fancy decors.


Velvet headbands


These headbands can look more classical, more formal, dressed-up. You will enjoy this fabric during winter time. Feel free to wear it with casual outfits to twist its posh side.


The piles of velvet can be bent and create marks on the fabric; hence, it requires a special care. A naturally lustrous material, it brightens up the hair.


Satin headbands


The silky look of satin brings softness and sensuality to the satin headbands. Feel free to wear them all year long, for any circumstance.


Leather headbands


Leather has a hint of rebellious spirit that can alter the look of a headband: the same pattern featured in velvet and in leather will look very different.


A leather headband is utterly elegant. It is a statement headband, speaking loud for the strong-minded head wearing it.


Metal headbands


They are mostly adorning a hairstyle and meant rather for a special event than the everyday life.


Choose according to the nature of your hair


Headbands for long and shoulder-long hair


Headbands are the ideal accessory for those who like to keep their hair loose but enjoy hair accessories.


If the purpose is mostly to match an outfit, there is not practical issue and any headband is fine.


If the purpose is to hold the hair back, you have to pick up your headband according to the volume of your hair: the denser the hair, the wider the headband.


Keep in mind that all Alexandre de Paris headbands are geared with tiny soft-rubber teeth to stay perfectly put all day long.


Headbands for short hair


Headbands are the favorite accessories for short hair, specially acetate headbands with a side decor. Once on the head, just spread the hair over the basis so that only the decor stands out and enjoy a butterfly, a flower or a bow over your hair, perfectly set for your whole day - or night.


Maximum effect for a minimum effort.


Headbands for thick hair


Thick hair are challenging headbands to hold it back. You will thus rather choose a wide headband, even carved out, or these broad fabric versions.


Headbands for thin hair


Thin acetate or fabric headbands are mostly suited for thin hair. Don't hesitate to try a bow version such as Céleste.


If you are looking for volume, slightly padded velvet or leather versions are an easy way with flair.


Headbands for curly hair


Curly hair need accessories with volume. You will go for acetate headband with a relief decor such as the iconic Camellia or fabric models adorned with a braid or a bow.


Headbands for men


All our classical patterns are suited for men, specially Miromesnil that holds pretty well hair back thanks to its curvy comb design.


How to store your headband ?


Always store your headband in its protective pouch.


Acetate headbands come with a plastic shaper: we recommend to use it when you are not wearing your headband so that it keeps it original shape (acetate is a lively material sensitive to heat).




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