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How to choose your hair brush?


Why shall I brush my hair?

Have you already felt this surge of energy when you brush your hair in the morning? Or the relief with the last strokes of the brush in the hair, before going to bed in the evening? Or how much your self-confidence is boosted after a quick touch-up during the day?

Brushing your hair is a very easy self-care routine for your hair: on a daily basis, this will keep them healthy.

Here are some of the numerous benefits:

  • Getting rid of dead hair: otherwise, they will hinder the growth of new hair, which will weaken the scalp
  • Getting rid of the impurities stacked along the day (dead cells, leftovers of hair products, etc) to avoid bacteria proliferation on your scalp
  • Boosting the micro-blood circulation and thus the hair growth
  • Spreading the sebum over the whole length of hair, as a natural nutriment

Besides, this is an essential prerequisite before using your Alexandre de Paris hair accessory. Feel free then to pull a few strands for a dashing messed-up effect – which you could never achieve without a proper brushing beforehand.

How can I properly choose my hair brush?

You will choose your hair brush depending on its quality, its purpose and the nature of your hair.

Why is the quality of the brush so important?

A low-quality hair brush might weaken, even tear off hair and irritate the scalp. This happens when the boar bristles are too hard, that the synthetic pins are poorly cut or when the rubber pad doesn't follow smoothly the shape of your head.

Alexandre de Paris hair brushes are geared with a latex air pad: this naturel rubber is naturally smooth and elastic, as well as waterproof. It is pierced with a small vent hole to prevent any aggressive brushing and protect the scalp.

Depending on models, they are geared:

  • with first-cut boar bristles
  • with neatly hand-cut synthetic pins, mixed with boar bristles. Some models have handmade round balls on the top of each pin.


Which Alexandre de Paris brush for which use?

Brushes to straighten and detangle

Large size brush

Also called, "paddle brush", this wide brush is recommended to detangle and straighten long and thick hair.

Discover La Parisienne.

Classic brush

This medium-sized brush is fir for any hairstyling. It will smoothly detangle and straighten your hair thanks to its stretchy 100% latex pad.

Discover La Rayonnante.

Pocket brush

This small-sized brush is your daily handbag companion for a quick makeover at any time of the day. In its 100% root boar bristles version, its small size makes it perfect for kids.

Discover La Coquette and La Ravissante.

Hairstyling brushes

Round brush

The round brush is designed for the styling of your hair when you blow them dry. Use it to lift the roots and create volume, curls or waves, or smooth and straighten curly hair. It comes in several widths to adjust to the nature and length of the hair. Geared with boar bristle, it is naturally antistatic.

Discover La Gironde large size or medium size.


Which brush for which kind of hair?

Our brushes are geared with small bunches of bristles regularly inserted into the latex cushion. All bristles are cut at uneven lengths to better penetrate hair, yet remain smooth without pulling the hair.

Each kind of bristles has got its own properties for an optimized use.

Which brush for thin and straight hair?

Made of keratin, boar bristles are natural fibbers whose nature is similar to the hair. Their scaly structure make them really appropriate to rid hair and scalp of impurities and dead cells.

Alexandre de Paris brushes are only set with first-cut boar bristles, the best quality. It means this is the basis of the bear hair and includes the root, whose rounded shape creates a naturally smooth end for each bristle.

100% boar bristles brushes are naturally antistatic. They are recommended for thin and fragile hair.

Our 100% boar bristles brushes are La Ravissante, La Conquise, L'Élégante and La Gironde.

Which brush for long, thick and curly hair?

For some kind of hair, mere boar bristles are too soft to deeply penetrate the hair for a proper detangling. They are thus gathered in small bunches and mixed with a nylon fibber in the middle whose lesser flexibility will allow the bristles to go deeper into the hair. Each fibber is carefully cut by hand to get a clean cut to won't damage the scalp. Thus, nylon fibbers are detangling while boar bristles are straightening the hair.

This mix is recommended for long hair, thick hair and curly hair.

You can choose between La Pétillante and La Charmante.

Which brush for medium dense and straight hair?

Boar bristles can be mixed with round nylon pins for a more efficient yet smooth detangling. The nylon fibber will strengthen the boar bristles bunches while its rounded top will gently massage the scalp.

On the Alexandre de Paris brushes, each ball is handmade at the end of the nylon pin.

This composition is recommended for medium dense hair and straight hair. It is feature with La Coquette, La Rayonnante and La Parisienne.

Rounded pins to detangle hair

Among the Alexandre de Paris brushes, one brush is fully set with rounded pins. The pins are set quite away from each other and all have a rounded top that delicately detangle the hair locks. This setting is inspired by the naturel move of the fingers to  gently style the hair. This brush is mostly designed to smoothly detangle wet hair or curly hair.

Discover La Spontanée.

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