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The benefits of hair brushing



Is it good to brush your hair every day?

Have you ever felt this energy surge when you brush your hair in the morning, just awaken? Or this relaxing feeling when you brush it in the evening, just before going to bed? What about this boost of confidence when you do a quick hair re-styling, anytime during the day?

Brushing your hair is a very simple care routine that you should perform every day to pamper your hair and keep it healthy.

There are many benefits for a daily hair brushing:

  • Getting rid of dead hair: without this gesture, the later will prevent new hair to grow, which will weaken the growth of your hair
  • Getting rid of any dirt collected during the day (dead cells, leftovers of hair styling products, etc.) to avoid the risk of bacterial proliferation over your scalp
  • Stimulating blood micro-circulation and boosting hair growth
  • Spreading sebum over the full hair length, thus naturally nourishing it

This beauty routine is mandatory for beautiful and healthy shiny hair.

Brushing your hair is also an absolute prerequisite before you use your Alexandre de Paris hair accessory. Afterwards, it’s up to you to pull off a few locks for a perfectly mastered tousled style – which you couldn’t achieve without brushing your hair beforehand.


When shall I brush my hair?

Brushing your hair in the morning is part of your wake-up routine. Brushing your hair in the evening has to be part of your end-of-the-day routine, as much as taking off your make-up or brushing your teeth. This gesture cleans it naturally and provides an immediate well-being, like a quick head massage that relaxes the scalp.

When you are about to wash your hair, don’t forget to untangle it carefully before soaking it: shampoo will get rid of dirt, not of entangled hair. It will be easier to untangle your hair after shampooing.


Which is the best way to brush my hair?

Gentleness is the key. If the brushing is too hard, it might damage or tear off healthy hair.

Always start gently at the end, then gradually go nearer to the roots. Don’t scrub the scalp too much so you don’t over-stimulate the sebaceous glands.

Once your hair is properly untangled, you may put your head down and gently brush your hair, from the neck to the ends. This position stimulates the blood flow within your scalp. Be careful not to get up too quickly, you could be dizzy, and enjoy the beautiful natural volume thus created. It’s now time to style your hair with the Alexandre de Paris accessory you’ve selected for the day.


How shall I brush my wet hair?

After your shampoo, you have to be twice gentler before wet hair is more fragile. Soak as much water as possible with a towel then star untangling your wet hair starting with the ends. At this stage, we recommend our La Spontanée hair brush, only geared with widely-spread rounded pins, specially designed for a smooth untangling of wet or curly hair, or a wide-teeth detangling comb.

If you have applied a mask after your shampoo, it will make the untangling easier.


Which kind of brush can I use?

Alexandre de Paris hair brushes are all made in France and geared with first-cut boar bristles, either alone or combined with nylon pins.

You will find here all our advices to pick up the best ally of your hair depending on its nature.

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