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A stroll behind the scenes in our workshops

Whether in hairdressing or in creating fashion accessories, Alexandre de Paris has always celebrated the excellence of French handcrafted work and the artistic craftsmanship of artisanat d' art. A tradition that the House perpetuates to this day, with our artisans manufacture in the Jura and our Parisian sewing workshop. Our team of passionate members includes talented designers and highly experienced craftsmen. Together, they share a taste for demanding perfection. Guided tour of these dream factories.


In the beginning, there is a line. Precise and delicate. Even before the accessory comes into existence, our studio designers sketch, outline, trace, detail, emphasize, before using gouache paint to colorize their work. On paper, every nuance, every shape, every detail is part of one of the styles of the House. Nature, the magic of romantic gardens, Haute Couture, Art Deco, the Belle Epoque... Our team draws on favorite themes of the House of Alexandre de Paris. Once approved, the drawing is forwarded to one of our factories that will then give life to the designer' s vision.

Cutting and bending

In our manufacture in Neuchâtel (in the Jura region), our craftsmen cut the plate of cellulose acetate with a die. Every part of the future accessory is shaped using a single mold, then hot curved by hand, depending on the surface and profile that have been defined.

Dying, sanding and polishing

Then comes the phase where the elements are dyed, sanded and polished. The color hue is meticulously achieved by hand. After that comes the sanding, which is done in barrels filled with stone chips; this process produces optimal shine without damaging the material. Lastly, the final polishing is done with shammy-leather. This ensures that the object will be supple and comfortable.

Ornamentation, assembly and final inspection

Another important step in the manufacturing process of our accessories: decoration. Ornamentation transforms the object into a piece of hair jewelry. After having determined the exact positioning of the rhinestones according to diameter, shape and color, the artisans meticulously pierce the piece of acetate. This is a delicate process, as it is necessary to embed the rhinestones without burning or damaging the material. Once this operation is completed, it is time to assemble each element. This again is a process that requires infinite precision. To finalize our creations, we have implemented a system of final control that leaves no room for error. All approved products receive our letter: a golden A which indicates a sign-off for the manufacturing process and certifies the piece' s authenticity.

And our sewing workshop...

And now a small side step into our Parisian workshop, in charge of developing all our textile accessories. Here, as in our century-long tradition, everything is hand stitched. An abundance of velvets, silks and exotic leathers, a wealth of rhinestones, of beads and feathers, fine embroideries and virtuoso braiding and weaving: a play of glamorous and sophisticated materials in the hands of designers and seamstresses. They possess a precious know-how and a rare talent dedicated to elegance and to the refinement of Haute Couture.

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