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Our maintenance tips

For your Alexandre de Paris accessory to keep its original shine, please avoid any contact with water, fragrances, as well as cosmetics products (soap, hair spray, salted water...). Before putting on any accessory, we recommend to wait at least 30 mn after you have use any cosmetic product to make sure the volatile compounds have vanished.

Whatever the material, please avoid any contact with humidity and heat.

To avoid scratches, it is important to store each accessory separately in its pouch as the contact wit another accessory could damage the surface.

Alexandre de Paris will decline to repair any accessory whose failure, according to Alexandre de Paris, stems from a deliberate mishandling, an alteration, a repair attempt, a default of care, a faulty use or an accident.

Our different materials

Find below how to maintain your Alexandre de Paris accessories according to their materials:


To keep your hair jewels' original shine, make sure to avoid any contact with make-up, face and body lotions, hair sprays and fragrances. Keep your accessories away from chlorine and salted water. To clean your accessory and bring out its shine, you may use a drop of liquid soap on a wet microfiber cloth, wipe it gently and dry it thoroughly with a dry soft cloth.

If your hair accessory has got metal, hard stone or rhinestones, we recommend to clean it with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

The Alexandre de Paris pouches are designed to protect your hair accessory from sun and humidity.


To groom your leather accessory, you may spread baby powder over a microfiber cloth and gently rub any grease stain.

You may also use another same-coloured piece of leather and rub the leather accessory with it.

We recommend to store each accessory separately in its Alexandre de Paris pouch to prevent scratches and contact with metal fastenings that could damage the leather. Strictly avoid any contact with water. Water on leather could alter its shape and create cracks during the drying process.


If your velvet hair accessory has greasy stains, you might spread baby powder over them and gently rub them with a wet cloth following the direction of velvet piles. Make sure to always use a soft and clean cloth. Afterwards, to bring back polish to the velvet, you might steam it from a careful distance (keep the iron away, you don't want a direct contact between the iron and the velvet fabric).

The absorbing power of baby powder works wonders to clean fragile textiles.


First of all, spread baby powder over the greasy stains and wait for one hour. then, gently get rid of it using a very soft brush or a soft dry cloth. The cloths end brushes used to take care of your accessories always have to be soft and clean.


Spread baby powder over the greasy stains. Then take a white sheet of absorbing paper, place it over the spot and gently press the low-heated iron over the flat parts to absorb the grease.

You might also use turpentine over a clean cloth (make sure to squeeze the cloth after soaking it with turpentine to get rid of any excess).


Cover the greasy stains with salt and let sit during a few hours until the grease has been absorbed. Then gently brush the salt away. Make sure to use a clean brush with soft bristles.


First, remove the dirt with a soft-bristles brush or blow it away with an air puffer to protect the fur. Then, gently dab the stains with a clean, soft cloth soaked in methylated spirits (industrial, fragrance-free). Always keep fur away from strong heat or strong light. Ask for a professional cleaning in your hometown if needed.


To clean a metal accessory, spread a dash of baking soda on a clean cloth and gently rub the accessory to bring back its shine. Baking soda is harmless for hard stones and for your hands. If the surface is uneven, you may use an old toothbrush over the metal part.

Do not worry if the microfiber cloth blackens, it is a normal phenomenon. In any case, wash your hands carefully after cleaning your accessories.

This works for any silver, chrome, stainless steel,  aluminium or tin item, to get rid of stains and protect against oxidation.


Horn is a natural material composed of keratin, just like hair. It will suffer from too much dryness or too much humidity. To revive the shine of your horn accessory, it has to be regularly nurtured with vegetal oil, such as coco oil or jojoba oil. Spread a few drops over a soft clean cloth and gently massage it over your accessory. Do it as often as needed.

We recommend not to wear your horn accessories under shower or at the beach. Alexandre de Paris pouches are designed to protect your accessories from sun and humidity.


Avoid spreading perfume over your jewellery, that could permanently damage the stones.

From time to time, you may clean them with water and soap, as long as you make sur to dry them thoroughly with a soft dry cloth afterwards.

In any case, never ever use a detergent product on your gold and silver jewels, or on semi-precious stones.

Regarding silver jewels, you might rub them gently with a designed cloth to get rid of oxidation and revive their shine.


For the health of your hair and the hygiene of your scalp, it is mandatory to keep your brushes clean.

After each use, remove hair entangled in the brush with a comb, another brush or your fingers.

At least once a month, clean the bristles with lukewarm water and a dash of soap. Rinse thoroughly and let your brush dry naturally, away from heat, bristles downwards.

Warning : avoid soaking the wooden brushes too long as this might damage the wood permanently.

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