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Loyalty Program #ClubAlexandre

Alexandre de Paris rewards your Loyalty!


Every order earns you money


How does our Loyalty Program work ?


1€ = 1 point


Your first order will give you an immediate and free access to our Loyalty Program


  1. Thanks to our Loyalty Program, you earn points (1 euro spent = 1 point earned) that will turn into an immediate and automatic discount Voucher on your next order (valid for 12 months)
  2. The calculation of points is based on the total order, VAT incl. (shipping costs excl.)
  3. Using your points isn’t mandatory : you just have to uncheck the option « Use my Loyalty Points for this order » on step 3 of your order process.
  4. Our loyalty program is reserved for our private clients who have opened an account on our official website (the program is not extended to our physical stores or our distributors or other professionals).


How do I earn points ?*


Thanks to your orders : 30 € = 30 points


As a reward for your loyalty, for 30 accrued points, we offer you a 3 € Voucher.

For example :


Purchase of 30€ = 30 accrued points = a 3€ voucher on your next order (usable immediately)

Purchase of 79€ = 79 accrued points = a 6€ voucher on your next order (there will remain 19 points on your account) but you can use 60 points immediately on the 79 points accumulated

Purchase of 90€ = 90 accrued points = a 9€ voucher on your next order (usable immediately)



  1. A minimum of 30 accrued points is mandatory to issue and use a voucher.
  2. Vouchers can only be issued every 30 points or multiples of 30 points*.
  3. Your Loyalty Account will be automatically credited once your order is shipped.
  4. You might use a voucher as of your next order, given that you have enough points.
  5. In case of cancellation or reimbursement of your order, your Loyalty Account will be automatically updated.
  6. Using your points isn’t mandatory : you just have to uncheck the option « Use my Loyalty Points for this order » on step 3 of your order process.
  7. For any account creation, get 60 loyalty points, click here!
  8. For any account creation and subscription to our newsletter for your first order only, receive 20% discount upon receipt of your personal code (offer not combinable with loyalty points).
    /! This offer can not be combined with any other promotion or applied to a previous order or pre-order. Can not be exchanged for money.


And Thanks to sponsorship!


The sponsorship Program :

The Alexandre de Paris Sponsorship Program allows registered users (a “Alexandre de Paris User”) to win “coupons” to be won on an upcoming purchase on the site by sponsoring friends to Alexandre de Paris.

This sponsorship works by using the client account registration page ( which allows you to add friends you want to share your offer with.

The godfather receives a voucher of 5€ when the godson makes a purchase for a minimum of 50€. The godson receives 5€ for his first purchase if he registers on the platform Alexandre de Paris following the reception of the godfather’s offer.

The 5€ received by the godson is valid for a purchase of 50€ minimum on the site

You are the godfather:

You have a sponsorship code only if you have already placed an order with us.

Login to your client account and discover your personalized sponsorship code.

Copy your code and communicate it to all your friends and loved ones.

You are a godson:

The sponsorship code received, you have to:

  1. Create a customer accelerator via the registration form.
  2. Integrate the sponsorship code received.
  3. Receive an email directly with your 5€ discount.


How can I enter the VIP Program ?


The more you treat yourself, the more we treat you !



  1. For an order between 250€ and 349 €, we grant you another 60 points*
  2. For an order between 350€ and 499€, we grant you another 100 points**
  3. For an order exceeding 500 €, we grant you another 150 points***


For example :

*Purchase 300 € = earn 300 points and an extra 60 points = 360 points to get a 36 € Voucher

**Purchase 450 € = earn 450 points and an extra 100 points = 450 points to get a 45 € Voucher

***Purchase 500 € = earn 500 points and an extra 150 points = 650 points to get a 65 € Voucher



What about my priviledges ?


You get exclusive offers, our newsletter in prime time and for your birthday 120 extra points.



How long are my Points valid ?


Your Loyalty Points are valid for 12 months as of your lastest order.


  1. The expiry date is extended by 365 days every time your account registers a purchase giving you access to Loyalty Points.
  2. If you’ve signed for our emailing Program Le Club Alexandre de Paris, you will get two e-reminders, just 30 days before the expiry date.
  3. If no purchase occurs within 365 days following your last purchase, your Loyalty Points will automatically be cancelled without further notice and cannot be either transferred nor reinstated.

How can I know how many Loyalty Points I’ve got ?


Loyalty points are piling up and are valid as of the date of the last addition of Points.

You may neither get a refund nor transfer your Loyalty Points. Hence you cannot offer Loyalty Points, nor cumulate them between distinct customers accounts you might have created.

You cannot use a Loyalty Voucher with another discount voucher.

When you use your loyalty points on an order, you do not earn points on the order you placed with these loyalty points.

You will get all the relevant information about your Loyalty Points credit on your customer account, section "My loyalty points". You will get information on your Loyalty Points balance via e-mail.

Alexandre de Paris withholds the right to change any conditions of the Loyalty Program without prior notice.


How can I use my Loyalty Points ?


  1. Make your choice on our website
  2. Once you’ve filled your basket, just check the box « I use my Loyalty Points », then « OK »


Enjoy !


Any questions ?

Reach us through our « Contact us » page


Your team Alexandre de Paris

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